***LIST-I of Selected Nursery Candidates for counseling******LIST-II of Selected Nursery Candidates for counseling******LIST-III of Selected Nursery Candidates for counseling******LIST-IV of Selected Nursery Candidates for counseling******
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"An ounce of Practice is worth than tons of Preaching" - Mahatma Gandhi

Positive reinforcement methods aim to root out the deviant behaviour of the students in such a way that it becomes a learning experience and the student concerned emerges out to be a better and enlightened individual. Big Broad smiles, Tender hearts, faces lit with amazement and wondrous eyes. The look of bewilderment when something new they find, talks that develop a thinking mind. The fire of learning to be kindled, a melting pot of subject knowledge to be mingled. It takes time in moulding, nurturing, shaping, making and putting all these together make teaching alive and lively.
Always do your best and leave the rest to HIM. Never be "run of the mill" or you will be lost somewhere. Keep learning as learning has no end...

With Kind Regards,

Joy Thaliyachira K

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Latest News:

Dear Parents,
Kindly note that Nursery Admission procedure is in progress and as a part of it the list of selected candidates are available. you can check it from:

  • List 1:

Candidates in List I.

  • List 2:

Candidates in List II.

  • List 3:

Candidates in List III.

  • List 4:

Candidates in List IV.

- and as per the schedule, requested to present on particular dates.Date and Time can be found from the listing page.
No vacancy for classes Jr.KG, Sr. KG, I, II, III & IV.

Results of English Essay Competition held on 14thAugust, 2015


Whats New

-Aluna Celebrations for VI - XI. (:For Girls Only:)
-Unit Test for Std. VI to XII will be from July 21st to 27st'2015.

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News of Month

-SUMMER VACATION start's from.... Please Click on Read More.

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Vacancy Status

-No vacancy for Nursery. to X.

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Quote of a month

"The Heart benevolent and kind most resembles GOD."

- Robert Burns


"Education has for its object the formation of character. This is the aim of both PARENT and TEACHER."

- Herbert Spencer

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