Admission Process

The admissions process comprises of the following stages:

  • Obtaining the 'Application for Admission' form from SGM.Shiroiya School.
  • Submitting the duly completed 'Application for Admission' form and supporting documents to SGM Shiroiya School and paying the registration fee.
  • Communicating admission decision to parents.
  • Parents accepting the admission, submitting the prescribed documents and paying the fees.
  • Confirmation of admission by SGM.Shiroiya School.

Terms and Conditions for Admission

It is indeed my privilege to welcome you to our Shiroiya family.

Shiroiya School has set certain standards and goals. We request you to abide and follow the same strictly. Your co-operation in this regard is highly solicited personally to develop the young mind into a disciplined, strong citizen to face the world smilingly yet without fear. Therefore, I would like to draw your kind attention to the following.
  • The School strictly prohibits the conveyance of two wheelers ( scooters, mopeds, bikes ) to the school at any time in future, by the students.
  • School strictly disallows and discourages the use of any kind of fancy stationary items, electronic items, decorative and fancy items, compass box, tiffin box, school bags, jewellery by the student.
  • Birthday celebration of your child is strictly restricted to the distribution of simple Toffeess and by regular uniform ONLY.
  • The school strongly recommends pure-vegetarian snacks (only one single type of snacks ) all the children everyday to school for Pre-Primary and Primary. Higher classes will have uniform launch for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • During your visits to the school class on 'open days' ( once a month ), you are strictly required to discuss about your child's progress and academic well being with the class teacher. Parents are strictly prohibited as regards to any kind of 'open confrontation' and 'abusive behaviour' with any teacher.
  • Chewing of paan masala and gutka and smoking by parents within the school campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the school campus by students and parents. Parents may kindly switch off the mobile whenever you visit the school campus.
  • Parents will have to pay the fees of their children ONLY BY CHEQUE , and in two installments of half yearly from Jr. K. G. onwards.
  • There shall be no discussion with regards to school time, fees, syllabus, uniform and hairstyles at anytime in future. School fees may be revised from time to time as per instructions from the board / CBSE guideline. School uniform for Pre-Primary to std. V - Half pants for Boys with simple hair style and for Girls no fancy clips, decorative items. ( Maroon frock for Girls in Nursery - Sr.KG ) ( Skirt and Top from I - V with cream ribbon on simple two plaits). Also if required for Girls cream /skin colour leggings can be used in winter.
  • Students are strictly disallowed to have tattoos, mehendi, body paint, nail polish, ornaments etc. in school and also implies the same during festive seasons. Also, No gold, silver or any metals on hand, wrist, ears and nose in the name of beliefs and practices.
  • We totally disallow and discourage the private tution of any sort. if required, you are expected to see the Principal.
  • I have not given any donation to school in any form for my child's admission in SGM School either to School Administration or to Administrator.
  • In future, the school expects your co-operation with regards to all the necessary circulars, notices which will be sent to you from time to time. I, sincerely solicit your whole hearted co-operation for a better tomorrow.
  • Any kind of enquiries should be addressed to the principal 'in person' from Monday to Friday between 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and school policies cannot be amended by Principal.
  • The School's decision will be final in case of 'breach' of any of the above mentioned regulations.

Joy Thaliyachira K.